Chateau de Nozay

Saint-Gemme is an obscure Sancerre commune, a far lesser-known name than Bué, Chavignol, or Ménétréol. But it deserves recognition, if for no other reason than it's where you find Domaine de Nozay.

Saint-Gemme is a commune with its own character. It's a bit north of Sancerre's more famous communes and has a cooler microclimate. With France's run of sunny vintages, this is a major plus if you like your Sancerre crisp and light. The fruit's transparency highlights the wine's minerality and makes it something that is bth quaffable and complex.

The domaine is run by Cyril Benoist, nephew of legendary DRC winemaker Aubert de Villaine. Perhaps this has something to do with the Nozay's recent conversion to biodynamics.