Colombera & Garella

C & G is one of the region's very best producers. Their wines are picture-perfect representations of the Alto Piemonte's varied terroirs. Their farming is organic and their winemaking natural, and nothing interferes with their deliciously elegant expressions of northerly Nebbiolo, Croatina and Vespolina.

Why the fuss about the Alto Piemonte? It's not just the northern spin, or the mountainous terroir. It's also a matter of soils. The Alto Piemonte's volcanic soils are much more acidic than the Langhe's soils, which makes for lower alcohol levels and gives the wines a whole variety of unique mineral notes as well, sometimes, as an almost sanguine irony undercurrent. Married to the floral aromatics and beautiful fruit, these are really special wines. They are not just "Barolo alternatives."