Cyril Zangs

Cyril Zangs makes cider for wine-lovers. Each year he releasess three cuvées, made from up to 32 old varieties of apples.

Cyril got his start a bit late in the game, at age 48. After ending a career as a book sales representative, he decided to leave Paris for his native Normandy to make cider, and we’re so happy that he did.

Not only are the apples all hand-picked from the trees, but the orchards are all harvested organically, from October to mid-December. The apples are then aged whole in small wooden crates for up to two months before being crushed, pressed, and then transferred to stainless steel tanks where the fermentation starts. The liquid is then bottled, where secondary fermentation occurs, and the bottles are placed on their sides for up to a year.

The ciders are fermented with only natural yeast, they’re unfiltered, and there is no sulfur added: this meticulous attention to detail, combined with the mix of apple varieties put into each cuvée, results in an incredibly well-balanced cider.