Domaine Thillardon

Thillardon's stylistic shift from the firm "Burgundian" style of winemaking to the lighter, silkier, semi-carbonic approach was instigated by his friendship with J.L. Dutraive and Yvon Metras, two of the greatest natural winemakers in Beaujolais today. This has made Thillardon a cult star of his own.

The special thing about Thillardon's wines is that the wines go far beyond the hallmarks of the semi-carbonic style. They are amiably fresh and silky, to be sure, but also unapologetically complex, mineral, and spacious. These are wines of place, precisely rendered down to micron – Burgundian in ideal, if not methodology.

It's this sober stoniness intertwined with a hedonistically silky, luminescent red-fruit character, that is becoming Thillardon's signature. It's a style that judiciously showcases the great potential of Chénas' granite soils, surely one of the more intriguing, if obscure, Beaujolais Crus.