Jean-Marc Burgaud

Burgaud is a true specialist: Virtually all his vines are in a single village, Morgon, and all are old (his youngest vines, 50+). His farming is as careful as the best growers' in the region, and it is all organic and by hand (or horse). His wine-making is completely natural right up to bottling, where he adds a small amount of sulphur.

Some Beaujolais is made for drinking young (mostly with carbonic maceration). Some Beaujolais demands aging (more extraction and aging in barriques). Burgaud finds a middle approach that lets you go in either direction: drink some now to enjoy the great ripe fruit, but also let a few rest in your cellar for four or five years, while they develop along multiple dimensions.

Morgon, home to Lapierre, Foillard, Thevenet etc., is probably the most famous cru right now. It is also an appellation we see focussing on individual parcels more and more all the time. And this makes a lot of sense. The terroir is interesting and varied.

And we can't think of a better producer to study these nuances through. Burgaud has vines in three of the village's most famous sites, and makes wines that are as clear and distinct as they are joyful and lipsmackingly delicious.