Louis Roederer's marvelous Champagnes

Louis Roederer's Cristal may be the most famous champagne in the world. And with good reason! It's been a favorite of those fortunate enough to taste it since the Russian Tzars -- for whom it was invented in 1876. It remains one of the finest wines in the world. 

With both the (already legendary) 2008 Cristal and the (hotly anticipate) 2012 available, there's never been a better time for Cristal fanatics.

But it isn't just Cristal. Maison Roederer has an outstanding range of wines, including the non-vintage Brut Premier, the Vintage Rosé and Vintage Brut and, of course, the Brut Nature Philippe Starck--which comes in the most beautifully-designed bottle we've seen in years.

What makes Roederer so special? Attention to detail, from their focus on the farming (they have been studying biodynamics for years and the 2012 Cristal is entirely from biodynamic vines) through to the slow and traditional winemaking. Nothing is rushed, nothing is pushed. Nothing is better.