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A Fan Favorite Returns: Domaine Saint-Cyr's Rosé Gamay Pet-Nat

We love a happy wine, and there are few wines that seem as joyful, or inspire such bliss, as Domaine Saint-Cyr's rosé pét-nat of Gamay.

From its inaugural 2017 vintage, we've been head over heels for this sparkler. Obsessed, captivated, haunted. We just can't get enough of the gentle spritz, the flavors of fresh strawberry and herbs, and its refreshing, juicy nature.

Like the best Gamay, it comes to us from Beaujolais, from the southern village of Anse, roughly midway between Mâcon and Lyons. Domaine Saint-Cyr is one of Beaujolais’ myriad small wineries, and while their red wines are pure-fruited, mineral-driven and super fresh, it’s this pét-nat, a rare sparkling expression of Gamay, that has our heart.

Raphaël Saint-Cyr took over the family domaine in 2008, and immediately converted all farming to organic. That sort of change is difficult in any circumstance, but the Saint-Cyr famille farms 28 hectares, spread from the far northern reaches all the way south. That’s a whole lot of land — imagine Madison Square Park, times 11 — and their conversion to organics established Saint-Cyr as the largest organic producer in Beaujolais.

This hands-off approach goes into his rosé pét-nat as well — the grapes are lightly pressed, kept cool and allowed one long fermentation in bottle. To preserve the freshness of the fruit and minimize contact with the lees, bottles are stored upside down. No sulfur is added at any point — but the wine is remarkably clean and zippy.

If you know this wine, you already love it, so stock up (there’s only so much produced each vintage), and if you haven’t tasted this glorious elixir....what are you waiting for?

Domaine Saint-Cyr, Rosé Pét-Nat of Gamay, 2020

If only all pét-nats tasted like this: fresh and clean, like juicy, spritzy strawberries and herbs. It's the type of wine we love to drink in the middle of summer, but it'll transport you to sunnier days, even if just temporarily.