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Barolo Breakdown: La Morra

La Morra: The big picture.

La Morra is a very important village! And not just because it’s charming to visit and has a number of top producers and vineyard sites. 

It’s also important because it produces a lot of wine! Look at any map of Barolo’s villages and  you’ll see that La Morra is a giant blob taking over the entire northwest corner of the area. This blob produces around 25% of all Barolo.

It’s also important for the kind of Barolo it produces: more elegant, less structured. That’s great if you like less tannic Barolo that you want to drink at a younger age. It’s also great as an ingredient for producers that like to blend from different sites – a dash of something lighter and elegant is just the thing for a wine that is otherwise brooding and tannic. Read on to find out the very important producer who does exactly that.

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