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The Barolo Breakdown is Here

In the wine world, people are often reluctant to pick favorites, especially in print. But I’m going to do it anyway: I declare that Barolo is the greatest wine of Italy. I love many wines from all over Italy, but I have picked a favorite, and it is Barolo.

I’m not the only one. It is easily the most popular wine category at our shop from Italy. At the fancy BYO wine dinners that I sometimes attend, Barolo is by far the most brought wine from Italy. Pick up an auction catalog and go to the Italy section, and you’ll see lot after lot of Barolo, with perhaps just a few bottles of Brunello or Barbaresco thrown in. People really like Barolo!

So in the next few weeks, our blog will take you through Barolo. Today, we have an overview of the DOC. In coming weeks, we’ll travel village by village, to break down Barolo. Sometimes our customers, especially those just getting started in their wine journey get intimated when we talk about specific villages. But, we’re going to lay this out in an easy-to-digest blog format, so you’ll know Barolo like never before. 

I have been drinking Barolo for a couple of decades, I’ve attended countless tastings and I’ve visited the region several times. I have learned a lot. I’m so excited to finally have a chance to pull my thoughts together, and I hope you find it helpful.

Part One, an overview of Barolo is live!

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