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An Update on Our Shop and NYC's Flatiron District

Hi friends, 

Thank you for your concern and well wishes over the last few days. We wanted to post this short update to let you know what is going on in the Flatiron District. 

First, we are safe and open! Our shop is boarded up as a precaution, but our block has not been affected by any looting and we remain open (despite looking closed).

Flatiron Wines and Sprits NYC Boarded Up

Flatiron Wines and Spirits NYC boarded up, but open and accepting orders.

Other parts of our neighborhood have not been so lucky, as you can see from these photos. 

Zara Flatiron NYC Boarded Up Nothing Left to Steal

Zara in Flatiron District boarded Up - "Nothing Left to Take"

Sephora Flatiron NYC Boarded Up Broken Windows

Sephora in NYC's Flatiron District with chalk boards and broken windows.

Flatiron NYC Lego Store Boarded Up

Flatiron LEGO store boarded up.

Best Buy Apple Store Boarded Up Flatiron NYC

Employees of Flatiron's Best Buy work to board up and repair windows.

Employees in Flatiron District Clean Up Broken Window Glass

Employees clean up broken window glass near Marimekko in Flatiron.

Lastly, and most importantly, we want to once again express our deep and sincere support to those who are fighting injustice in the streets. Black Lives Matter. Join us in donating and supporting some of the following organizations. 






Our love, 

The Flatiron Team