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Bourgogne Blanc with Meursault Roots from Bernard Millot

We’ve heard from so many customers that they’ve “given up” on White Burgundy because of soaring prices. But where do they go? There is no other region in the world that produces white wines delivering quite the same level of elegance and satisfaction. Our advice is always: don’t give up, just look a little harder for good values. We have an amazing one for you today.
For today’s value, we go not to some obscure corner of Burgundy but to the heart of Meursault. There we find the Domaine Bernard Millot, and we meet its current wine-maker, Charles Millot.
The Millots are one of a handful of families that have occupied this hallowed part of Burgundy for centuries but have never managed to develop a famous name. But this latest Millot, Charles, may well pull it off, as he has been producing an incredible range of breathtaking white wines for a number of years now.
The style is traditionalist, old-fashioned and serious. Farming is conscientious and wine-making is simple and natural. The result is textured white wine that harks back to the great white Burgundies of a generation or two ago.
While all of their wines are reasonably priced, today we are focused on a value that is exceptional: the Bourgogne Blanc. 90% of the vines come from within the commune of Meursault. Does it taste like Meursault? Actually, you might have trouble distinguishing it from Meursault in a blind tasting. But the vines for this wine grow in the domaine’s more gravelly soils, rather than in Meursault’s traditional limestone. Pay attention to that detail, and you notice that the wine is a little sturdier, and the fruit a touch more precocious, than classic Meursault.
We are just fine with that: there is nothing wrong with a little terroir diversity…especially when the wine is under $25! Honestly, we can’t remember the last time we were able to deliver the full white Burgundy experience at this price point.
We would normally recommend buying by the case, but unfortunately we have less than 10 cases — so order fast!