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Classic Bistro Style, Fast Food Prices


Bois Brinçon is a small biodynamic estate in the Loire Valley region of Anjou. They make great wine, and we’ve carried their Anjou Blanc, “Les Saules de Montbenault”, for a few vintages now. It’s quite a serious wine, from a site made cult-famous by another winemaker, Richard Leroy.

But wine doesn’t have to be ‘serious’ to be good. Sometimes, actually, the more carefree the better – especially for weeknights with takeout. In this spirit, Bois Brinçon has come out with a pair of wonderful entry-level wines, “BB” red and white, that serve as the quotidian ideal.

The white is made with Chenin Blanc. The ABV is 10.9% (yes, you read that right), and it’s crisp and full of varietal typicité, with classic Chenin notes of citrus, apple, and honey. This would work perfectly beside Peking Duck or sushi.

The red, a Cabernet Franc, is a perfect example of the ‘bistro’ red. It’s light, juicy, and clean, tasting of raspberry compote and herbs. Try it with a chill, and pair with schnitzel or pork dumplings. Or just drink it on its own!

We think these are some of the best under-20 wines in the shop. We’ll be taking these home every week and think you should, too.

Château de Bois-Brinçon, Anjou BB Rouge, 2019
Vinified in stainless steel, then aged in 80% stainless steel, 20% neutral wood.
Tart, silky, juicy, and red-fruited. Breezy but substantial, and gulpably delicious.

Château de Bois-Brinçon, Anjou BB Blanc, 2019
Vinified and aged in stainless steel. Light and nervy, with exceptional complexity for the price.