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Humble Bourgogne Blanc + 70 Year Old Meursault Vines!

Let’s say you need a white Burgundy that is totally delicious, with clean and precise fruit and strong minerality. One that is still fresh and energetic yet with just enough cellaring to get beyond its awkward oaky/reductive stage. Something that tastes like Meursault would be nice. And how about under $30?

No, this is not a sommelier’s nightmare request from an impossible-to-please customer. This is Bitouzet-Prieur’s Bourgogne Blanc 2017.

B-P is a Volnay producer, but like many people in these parts – including guys like Dominique Lafon and Coche-Dury – they happily make red wines in Volnay and white wines in Meursault. This is perhaps the one part of Burgundy where the locals have mastered both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

B-P’s range in Meursault is considerable, but today we need something under $30. This means we have to step outside of AOC Meursault….but we’re not going to go far! B-P’s Bourgogne all comes from a single vineyard that is still within the commune of Meursault but just outside the official borders of the AOC in a site called “Les Herbeux”. Astonishingly, B-P’s vines here are nearing 70 years old (there is also a younger parcel that is not yet used for this wine), and they performed magnificently in the great white Burgundy vintage of 2017.

Yes, this is as good a value as it sounds. Burghound gives it two hearts: “Outstanding” and “Top Value”. We can’t stop drinking it ourselves.


We bought a lot of it in order to get you a great price:

Domaine Bitouzet-Prieur, Bourgogne Blanc, 2017