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Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide is Here!

I'll keep this short because, really, our gift guide stands on its own!

We heard our customers loud and clear over the past year--shopping for gifts is harder than ever! Without the ability to swing by the shop and talk to us about what's for dinner or what you and yours like to drink, it's gotten tricker to shop for wine. 

So, we put our heads together and built a completely tailored gift guide--no quiz, no subscription, no worries. Just scroll through the guide and click on the collection that draws your eye. 

No matter how you're spending Valentine's Day--with a date, with your spouse or roommates, with friends, or solo--there are fun and incredible recommendations for all. 

Our friends at Krug have built a one-ingredient pairing cookbook celebrating the humble onion! An amazing gift of the book, the wine, and the onion is right at your finger tips. 

We're also offering a Private Champagne Class. You can tailor the date and subject matter to whatever you and yours want. Plus, what's better than bubbles!

There's also a whole section on pairing wines with whatever your Valentine's dinner may bring--pizza and popcorn? Steak and potatoes? It all sounds great to me! 

Get to shopping!

Enjoy and happy Valentine's day!