Gift Idea: The Perfect Pair

Each year, our friends at Krug release a cook book devoted to their benchmark Champagne and a single, humble ingredient. Beautiful recipes from world-renowned chefs, designed for pairing with Krug's sublime bubbles.

This year, they peal the layers of the onion, a kitchen staple it's easy to take for granted but which, when buttered up and treated right, makes for sweetly savory treats you'll feel the need to devour.

Pop some Krug -- this is going to be a thirsty Valentine's Day.

Gift Idea: Private Champagne Class

Virtual classes are all the rage this year and we know that your special someone will swoon for a private Champagne Class.

Run by our resident Champagne lover and expert, Clara, this class will be customized to exactly your taste.

Whether you know what wines they like or not, this is a great chance for everyone to expand their palette and learn a bit more about our favorite hobby--drinking Champagne!