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Riesling + Chinese Food = The Dream Pairing

We posted this photo on our Instagram (which you can follow HERE) and suddenly everyone wanted to talk about pairing Chinese food with Riesling! 

From novice wine drinkers to the winemaker of Selbach-Oster herself, Hannah, there's a lot of love for Riesling and Chinese food. We all agree that Riesling doesn't have to be complicated. It's simply great wine. And you can enjoy it simply, with some takeout on a week night.

With NYC's Rieslingfeier coming up, the buzz around this photo was a fun reminder to us that you don't need an MS pin to enjoy killer Mosel Riesling. 

Riesling is perfect to bring to your favorite BYO Thai or Szechuan place. Hot pot? No brainer! I myself am making the trip downtown to Wu's (A terrific BYO place famous for Wontons and Peking Duck) tonight, and I'll be bringing the very same bottle of Selbach-Oster, Sonnenuhr*** with me.


Why does this pairing work so well? 

Many reasons! First and foremost, the combination of sweetness and acidity that Riesling brings to the table makes it delicious with a range of flavors--even with tricky-to-pair foods like Chinese and Indian.

Lots of wines get obliterated by the sweet elements in Chinese, Thai, Indian (etc.), but the sugar that keeps Riesling so perfectly balanced also helps the wine to stand up to those flavors. And the acidity cuts through the rich flavors and refreshes, getting you ready for another bite. It's a gorgeous virtuous circle.

Can you think of any wine quite so refreshing, mouth-watering, bright and welcoming to pair with your take out? I can't! 


Want to know more about Riesling?

You don't need to be a wine geek to understand Riesling, but we know it can be daunting at first. So we did a Riesling Q&A and Germany Wine map to help demystify the wine. We think our guides are the perfect place to start getting comfortable with the ins and the outs of this special grape and I've got links to the articles below, in case you missed them when they came out.

Have a great week! 



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