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The NY Times' Summer Sparkling Wines: Crémants, Pét-Nats and More

"The pleasure is visual; it’s aural, as in the seductive sound of a pop and pour; and it’s tactile."

- Eric Asimov, The New York Times

What is not to like about a bottle of something bubbly? When 5 o'clock rolls around (and in 2020, 5 o'clock is occasionally 2 or 3 o'clock), the Flatiron philosophy is to crack open a bottle of bubbles, no matter the type, and pour everyone a glass. In our minds, it's the most convivial type of tipple.

Imagine our pleasure, then, when we spotted a recent column in the New York Times from the esteemed Eric Asimov — a column encouraging readers to celebrate even the mundane with 12 bottles of fizzy wine, and not a Champagne among them. All of our favorites, from every corner of the winemaking world and from myriad varieties, were represented. 

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Here there are with notes:

AT Roca, Classic Penedès Brut Reserva Metode Tradicional, 2016 
A gorgeous sparkling wine from one of Spain's most recently founded DO: Classic Penedès. The rules are strict: organic certification is required, and all wines must be aged a minimum of 15 months on the lees (compared to Cava’s 9) and vintage-dated. Ever-so-slightly herbaceous, with notes of crisp green pear and lime zest.

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Chëpika, Finger Lakes Catawba Pet-Nat, 2019
Chëpika is a collaboration between Finger Lakes winemaker Nathan Kendall and star NYC sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier, focusing on Catawba and Delaware, two American hybrid grapes; these grapes provide an entirely new sensory experience, with an opulent perfume and a light, fruity style. From a clay-heavy site on the east side of Keuka Lake, this is a bright and crunchy pét-nat, with zippy, cranberry acidity. Bottled without any SO2 (during winemaking or at bottling) and with no dosage.

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Aphros, Vinho Verde Phaunus Petillant Natural Rosé, 2019
This is not the Vinho Verde you think you know — everything at Aphros is left of center, from the way the they farm (biodynamically, rare in the region) and vinfiy (in a medieval, electricty-less cellar). And the wines are hauntingly unique; this blend of Alvarelhão and Vinhão is funky, crunchy and near-shatteringly crisp. Light in color and texture, this is an assertive bottle of bubbles.
Domaine de la Taille Aux Loups [Jacky Blot], Montlouis Petillant 'Brut Tradition', NV
Few winemakers have come to define an appellation like Jacky Blot has come to define Montlouis-Sur-Loire. He’s an authority on Chenin Blanc, and his wines are dynamic, enchanting distillations of this noble grape. His Brut Tradition is from 40-year old vines planted on clay, silex and limestone-rich soils. By fermenting and aging the wine totally in oak barrels, he allows its oxidative richness to shine; there are pastry-like notes of honey, buttered toast and seashell, all bound together by energetic freshness.

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Ferrando, Erbaluce di Caluso Spumante Metodo Classico Brut, 2012
Ferrando is a Rosenthal mainstay — we love their Carema when we're looking for pure, fresh and Alpine Nebbiolo — and they work tirelessly to preserve the traditions of Piedmont. Erbaluce is perhaps Piedmont's finest white grape variety, and its name is an insight into its qualities: there's a distinct grassy, herbaceous quality (erbe) and a bright, clear energy (luce). Just a tiny amount of this wine is produced each vintage, and the bubbles amplify Erbaluce's unique delights: orchard fruits, a subtle verdant quality and bright, blazing acid. 

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Terres Dorées (Jean-Paul Brun), Beaujolais Sparkling FRV 100 Rosé, NV 
Jean-Paul Brun's Domaine des Terres Dorées has long been a go-to for wonderfully honest Beaujolais. We'd be happy drinking his simple, old-vine Beaujolais, but there's a certain joy expressed in his sparkling rosé of Gamay, lightly sweet and prettily frothy. Like all of the best Beaujolais, there's a minerality that shines through Gamay's exuberant fruit — in this case, lent by the limestone soils on which the grapes are grown – and turns a simple wine into something more cerebral. 

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