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A Rosé Favorite Returns: Bermejos' Captivating Canary Islands Rosado

Bermejos’ iconic rosé is back, and at least for now, we've snatched up enough to share with all of its devoted fans.

We’re not the first people to call Lanzarote one of the most astonishingly improbable places to make wine on the planet. The Canary Islands are impossibly beautiful and dramatic, from the active volcanic peaks to pitch-black beaches bathed by piercingly blue waves. And in this wild environment, gnarled, wind-swept vines learn to not just endure but thrive, in some cases for 150 years or more.

This is all, admittedly, a lot to ponder over a glass of rosé.

Fortunately, Bermejos Rosado asks no more of you than a moment of pure bliss in the sun. If you’re not already acquainted with this wine, one of our most enduringly popular rosés year after year, take note—particularly if you love savory, serious rosé à la Bandol.

As always, the 2023 is made from Lístan Negro, perhaps the most familiar of the evocative and intense grapes native to these islands. The volcanic freshness that makes it so mouthwateringly delicious also creates impressive longevity: this is a rosado that happily picks up mineral-led complexity and elegant caramelized-papaya notes after a few years in bottle. But we would never ask you to show such restraint.

A wisp of smoke, a crashing wave of watermelon and blood orange, a salty twist to remind you of its seaside provenance, and you’re sure to fall in love. Take our advice and open this handsome bottle with a can of tinned fish and some fresh radishes and butter or castelvetrano olives on hand.

Bodegas Los Bermejos, Lanzarote Listán Negro Rosé, 2023 $26.99


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