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A Study in Pinot Meunier with Mignon's Marvelous Champagne

Stylized image of Christophe Mignon, Champagne Blanc de Noirs ADN de Meunier Brut Nature, NV

In the last two decades, the Grower Champagne revolution has brought us so much closer to the terroirs of this mythic region as well as the character of its indigenous varieties.

Historically, Pinot Meunier was the least well known and certainly the least respected of Champagne's three main grapes, mostly thought of as a blending grape without the potential for long-term aging. But with the emergence of better farming, more meticulous cellar work, and celebrated growers like Jérôme Prévost, Meunier has finally stepped into the limelight. It can be as elegant, terroir transparent, and serious as its more famous cousins, with an utterly unique herbaceous and electric cut.

Yes, Prévost is the most famous Meunier maestro, but Christophe Mignon might just be the best. And you can still get the wines!

Christophe’s vines sit on the limestone-rich western edge of the Vallée de la Marne. He is a deeply committed natural vine grower and employs one employee per hectare for maximum productivity and surveillance during the season—the type of commitment only seen at top estates like Dagueneau and Domaine Leroy. Selection at harvest is rigorous, and only the most perfect fruit (organically and biodynamically grown, of course) is utilized. Each plot is vinfied separately, with extensive tasting and blending trials before bottling.

All of the hard work in the vines and careful attention in the cellar mean nothing if the wines don’t deliver, but Christophe’s wines are absolutely stunning. They are hugely aromatic and strike a magical balance between generosity and drive. The lift and energy, coupled with the wines' complex, layered flavors make them among the most exquisite in the region. 

Christophe Mignon, Champagne Blanc de Noirs ADN De Meunier Brut Nature, NV [2018/2019] $63.99

Christophe Mignon, Champagne Blanc de Noirs ADN de Meunier Brut Nature, NV [2018/2019] (1.5L) $149.99


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