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Bourgogne Rouge with the Soul of Volnay, from Bitouzet-Prieur

Last week we offered Bitouzet-Prieur's Bourgogne Blanc, an almost too-good-to-be-true traditional white Burgundy for under $30 from the village of Meursault. And boy, did you all respond! We've sold through almost everything we could get.

So we knew there was only one way to follow that up: by offering Bitouzet's Bourgogne Rouge, a sub-$30 single-vineyard gem of a wine from the village of Volnay!

The red wine also sounds too good to be true. The 1.2 hectare vineyard, Petit Près, sits right below the village Volnay lieu-dit, Pasquières, and has the classic limestone-clay soils and good exposure. The vines are 50+ years old (planted in '63, '69 and 1970). The farming is organic and the winemaking is all about letting the beautiful fruit and terroir sing, with no new oak at all and a light touch throughout.

And do the fruit and terroir ever sing! This is exactly what you dream Bourgogne Rouge from a top producer will be. It has pure fruit and a hint of spicy minerality. Elegant, but unfussy, it is accessible younger than the domaine's more expensive wines, but still has the balance and depth to be worthy of a few years in the cellar. The 2017 vintage was perfect for this style of Pinot Noir: terroir transparent, delicious fruit, no heat.

The price is almost absurdly reasonable in today's market.This is simply the best value in Bourgogne Rouge we've seen this year. No Burgundy lover should miss it so please don't wait to email us your request. We bought everything Neal Rosenthal had but we still expect to sell out quickly, especially with the deep discount on 3+ bottles.

Domaine Bitouzet-Prieur, Bourgogne Rouge, 2017 
Fairly high-toned nose of cherry and raspberry with a hint of flowers and spices in the perfume. The palate is refined and has a lightness but also depth of flavor. Delicious!