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Clos Cibonne's Cuvée Tradition Rosé

The rosés of Provence's Clos Cibonne are like no other. They are complex, mineral-driven, savory and ageworthy. In a sea of ubiquitous, innocuous pale pink wine, Cibonne's stand tall.
The estate's raison d'être is Tibouren, an obscure Provençal variety rumored to have been brought from Liguria, just a short sea journey from the Côte d'Azur. Founded in the late 18th century by a navy captain, Clos Cibonne rose to prominence in the 1930s, when André Roux took over the estate and began singing Tibouren's praises far and wide. 
Like many families in the region, in the aftermath of the phylloxera, they ripped up their Tibouren and planted higher-yielding Mourvèdre. Quickly realizing their mistake, the family cut off the heads of the Mourvèdre grapes to graft their beloved Tibouren back on — after all, nothing could compare. 
The winemaking is nearly as obscure as the grape itself. Things start pretty normally: like many winemakers in hot regions, they harvest first thing in the morning to avoid the afternoon sun. The grapes are pressed directly into stainless steel where the juice ferments — so far, the same technique as most Procençal rosés.
But what happens next is unique: the wines are age under fleurette (like the flor in Jerez, or the Jura's sous voile aging) for up to a year in century old foudre. This process  keeps oxidation in check and allows a complex structure and unique flavors to form.
At Clos Cibonne, many unique components yield a truly unique wine. The Tibouren grape is thin-skinned, pale in color and yields earthy, spicy and herbaceous wines reminiscent of garrigue, the sun-baked herbs found on Provençal hillsides. The Mediterranean, just a few hundred meters away, provides marine salinity and cool breezes, tempering the blazing sun. But that special aging process which brings it all together in a one-of-a-kind wine is perhaps the key.
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Notes of barely-ripe strawberry dominate here, but there's are also beautifully intertwined notes of fresh cream, blood orange, thyme and ginger; the palate is lush and broad, with firm acidity indicating it could spend time in your cellar and come out even more refined. 
While most rosés are food friendly, Clos Cibonne's Cuvée Tradition pairs admirably with some of the wine world's most difficult matches — tomato dishes, strong cheeses, charcuterie and more meld seamlessly with this lush wine.