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Find Paradise with Assyrtiko from Koutsoyannopoulos

Santorini is a Grecian paradise, a speck of isolated land in the Aegean sea with sun-drenched shores, ancient ruins and a small, but flourishing wine industry. The indigenous Assyrtiko grape is the island's crown jewel, and few producers know it as well as Koutsoyannopoulos.

Koutsoyannopoulos is one of the oldest continuously operated wineries in all of Greece — it was founded in the late 19th century, after the 400 year long Ottoman occupation when much traditional winemaking knowledge was lost. The bulk of their production went, strangely enough, to Russia, but we're now lucky to be able to source it from our friends at DNS Wines, a boutique importer with an impressive Greek portfolio.

Santorini was formed by volcanoes, and its soils are a boon to grapes grown there in a few different ways — first, vines grown on volcanic soil tend to yield distinctly minerally wines, with unique characteristics of flint and smoke. And second, because the phylloxera bug can't survive in these ashy, sandy soils, the island is home to some of the oldest continuously farmed vines, estimated to be roughly 400 years old!

Koutsoyannopoulos' entry level Assyrtiko is an astounding wine. With Assyrtiko's trademark burst of acidity and waxy yellow fruit, it's both distinctive and refreshing. The family's long history working the vines and the land have left them incredibly adept at taking inhospitable terrain and turning it into fine, age-worthy and special wine.

Santorini has long been considered one of Greece's top wine regions, and we bet it'll take just one sip of Koutsoyannopoulos' sunshine-inflected Assyrtiko to convince you. Take advantage of our best-in-nation pricing (even better with today's discounting) and enjoy something extraordinary. 

Koutsoyannopoulos, Santorini Assyrtiko, 2017

At turns savory and floral, the wine's laser-focused acidity is what really wowed us. Sea salt, lemon zest and ripe pear meet classic Greek herbs (bay leaf, thyme) for a complex, refreshing and terroir-transparent wine.