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Punchy Perfection: Weistler-Künstler's 2022 Feinherb Riesling

Stylized bottle of Weiser-Kunstler, Estate Feinherb, 2022


The magic of Weiser-Künstler is a 19th century sort of magic. When they got started back in 2005, they used a 19th-century Prussian viticultural map (the Mosel-Weinbau-Karte) that ranked the vineyards, including a number of Grand Cru sites that had since gone unfarmed. They were steep and too difficult to work. Wei-Kü reclaimed the sites and their old, often un-grafted, vines.

Wei-Kü works these vines by hand, organically and biodynamically, and without any of the chemicals invented after the Prussians made their map. And they make the wines using old techniques, with natural fermentations and aging in a combination of fuder and steel. The steel — one of their few modern adaptions — preserves freshness and acidity, while the wood casks round out the wines.

The wines are from the Mosel, though they lean Saar with their wispiness, their sea-saltiness, their airiness. What's most impressive about them is their sheer detail: each wine has layers of intricacies, reflecting the special characteristic of each site. Some of these details you get in a single sip; some unfold through the course of drinking a bottle.

Today, we announce the 2022 German wine vintage with the arrival of Wei-Kü’s very slightly off-dry Feinherb — the easiest-drinking wine in their lineup and one of our favorites. We think you’re going to like the vintage: it was hot, but the vines shut down at key moments during the growing season, such that sugars did not get out of hand and the wines preserved excellent acidities. The locals are calling it a miracle.

But if there’s any miracle when it comes to Wei-Ku’s Feinherb, it’s actually the price. Are there any white wines out there this delicious for under $25? There can’t be many. Please stock up while it’s here:

​​Weiser-Künstler, Estate Feinherb, 2022 $24.99


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