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We're going all out! Black Friday Deals at Flatiron -- Up to 25% off!!


As we wait for our cranberry sauce to set in the fridge and our turkeys to brine (yum!), we've set our sites on something much more exciting. We're gearing up for Black Friday at Flatiron!

It's the biggest site wide sale of the year at Flatiron Wines by a country mile, and we're doing it again!

Due to the Champagne shortage, we are unable to include Champagnes in this year's sale. If we did, we would run out of Champagne long before ringing in the New Year!

But every other wine on our website gets the discount, whether it's one of our under-$20 values or a wine that is exceptionally rare starting bright and early on Friday morning

Keeping with tradition, our Newsletter subscribers are going to get first crack at the inventory and the best discounts as a small token of our thanks! And not only will they get an exclusive discount code for the best site wide price breaks before anyone else, over the weekend they'll also get exclusive access to special discounts of up to 25% off!

So, sign up below for our fascinating weekly newsletter and you'll get started with can't-be-beat cyber deals (as well as a little thank-you gift for signing up).

Don't want another email in your inbox? We totally get it. 

And we've got something for you too: a code for 10% of any order of 6 or more bottles: 


The code will be good starting Friday 11/26 at 12 noon ET, on everything in the online shop.

But while you're here, take a look around. If you like what we have to say about wine and spirits, then sign up for our "indispensable" newsletter.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Welcome to the holiday season, we're glad to have you with us on the other side! 

The Flatiron Wines New York store front will be closed on Thanksgiving day, but our online store is open 24/7, don't miss out on this online-only extravaganza!