Cote Chalonnais

If it were possible for Burgundy to have a hidden gem, it would be Cote Chalonnais. 

The eyes of the world are on Burgundy and its wines. Yet, it seems, still, that there are regions yet unknown. Not undiscovered, certainly, as wine has been made in Cote Chalonnais, like the rest of France, for centuries! 

But, even the most famous of Cote Chalonnais's villages, Mercurey, is relatively under the radar. It is perhaps unknown to most wine-drinkers except those that consider themselves Burgundy experts! 

So, you've found yourself in a magical land of possibilities. All the tradition and expectations of great Burgundy, but without the same reputation (and price tag). 

Explore Cote Chalonnais with the glee of a child wandering through an amusement park with no lines! Enjoy!