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Bigallet, China China Amer

Spirit from Amari and Bitter Liqueurs, France



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Consider this the French version of an Italian amaro, with slightly softer edges. Made with both sweet and bitter oranges, and blended with caramelized sugar in a neutral spirit base, and accented with spices and herbs like cinchona bark (a source of quinine), cloves and gentian, this is cozy and a great accent for mixed drinks, but it's also just at home in a rocks glass with a couple of cubes of ice.


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What importer Skurnik Wines has to say about this wine...

Produced by the Bigallet distillery according to the original recipe since 1875
The intense orange aroma and flavor in China-China comes from Bigallet’s proprietary process of distilling fresh orange peel macerations three times in copper alembic stills.
Bigallet uses both sweet oranges from Valencia and bitter oranges from the former Caribbean island of Curaçao.
This intense orange distillate is blended with earthy and bitter gentian, tart chinchona bark, velvety anise, spicy clove, and a handful of other secret, Alpine herbs and spices. The flavors are married with rich caramel to balance the natural bitterness
A potent liqueur highlighting warm orange aromatics with earthy vegetal notes and subtle spices. The palate shows more of the bitter orange and spice, with hints of herbs and mint.
40% ABV


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