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Compania Elaboradora, Sotol Por Siempre

Spirit from Mexico



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This spirit is made from Sotol, a succulent similar to agave that is the native to Northern Mexico. Distilled Sotol is ubiquitous with Chihuahua, where this spirit hails from, and is considered the state drink.This is sustainably harvested from 100% wild sotol from the Sierra Madres Mountains. The process is very traditional similar to Mezcal (earthen pit smoked and open air fermented). The result is a complex and well-integreated expression: full bodied with lots of blistered sweet pepper and grilled orchard fruit grounded by searing and resonant minerality.


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What importer Skurnik Wines has to say about this wine...

Produced by Maestro Sotolero, Jacob Jacquez, in Chihuahua, Mexico
Distilled from 100% sotol (Dasylirion wheeleri)
Sotol is cooked in an earthen pit, milled, and fermented in open-air wooden vats
Distilled twice using traditional wood-fired copper pot stills
Opening with bright citrus and white flowers, Sotol por Siempre quickly shifts gears, becoming herbal and vegetal on the palate, with an intense note of damp, freshly turned earth, subtle smoke, black pepper and pine sap
45% ABV


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