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Boudignon's Rosé de Loire: It's Back!

Thibaud Boudignon's Rosé de Loire is that rare treats: an everyday-priced wine from an acknowledged master.

A few vintages ago, we told you that Thibaud was one to watch. Now, he's one of the most sought after vignerons of the Loire Valley.
He's a true Chenin Blanc superstar. Collectors covet his (ever more expensive) whites.
And yet, his Rosé de Loire — one of the most delicious rosés we get every year — is still priced like a run of the mill picnic wine. But it's much more than a simple picnic wine.
Thibaud's superpower is making wines that are both incredible expressions of terroir and variety, but also straight up delicious. He attributes this to diligent farming (both organic and biodynamic) and picking at optimal ripeness.
Savennières can be demanding: some wines need aging, decanting, or are so complex you need to stop and think about what all the fuss is about.
Well, you can do all that with Thibaud's wines — they're very much worthy of contemplation. But you can also just open them to have a glass of something very pretty.
His whites are known for their bracing acid and polished, focused structures.
If that formula sounds just as good for rosé, it’s because it is!
For all the wine's straight up easy-breezy pleasure, it really stands out for being worthy of contemplation (to those so inclined).
It's mostly Cabernet Franc, with a touch of Grolleau, grown in complex soils (mostly schist and clay, some volcanic rock).
Cabernet Franc gives structure, and Grolleau provides a round, berry-like fruit profile.
The diverse soils provide a subtle salinity, and perfectly balanced acidity. It's a rosé to drink alongside a meal. But for many of us, it's a summertime go-to, no matter the occasion.
This isn't a wine we can keep in stock all summer, so if it's already one of your favorites, we hope you take the opportunity to stock up!

Thibaud Boudignon Rosé de Loire 2020
Fresh and fruity, with the flavor of little red berries and watermelon rind, as well as delectable mineral and saline notes. This is bright and zippy, a summer treat you'd be smart to have in reserve through the fall.