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Serralunga d'Alba: The Barolo-iest Barolo There Is!

We’ve updated our Guide to Barolo. This week’s addition to the Barolo Breakdown is Serralunga d’Alba! Serralunga is famous for being even more Barolo-like than Barolo (the village) itself. The power and finesse for which Barolo has become famous is the staple of Serralunga Barolo. 

Don’t take our word for it: 

Shop our full collection of Barolo from Serralunga. 

But, as we said when we posted our Guide to Barolo, we believe it’s time to start treating Barolo more like Burgundy. This means focusing on the terroir and singularity of each Cru, and even each vineyard. 

So, in our guide to Serralunga d’Alba, we do just that. Join us as we go on a bike trip through Serralunga, tasting wines and learning about each vineyard. (Maps and tips for traveling galore!) 

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